• Extension Packages

  • Initial Investment covers hair purchase, prep work, installation, cutting/blending and styling.


    With proper care, hair can be reused up to a year.
    Prices are subject to changes if longer than 22inches.


    Pump up the Volume
    800-1000 +
    For guests who want to keep their length but desire volume and fullness.


    New hair – who this?
    1000-1200 +
    For guests who are ready to add inches! Guests will enjoy length and fullness.


    Fancy Gal
    1200-1400 +
    For Guests who want a full transformation with mixed methods of 2-3 different kinds of extensions.
    Or for someone who already has very thick coarse hair but desires a lot of length.


    4,6,8 week move up
    60, 90, 120
    Move up for machine ties weft and iTips- bead are moved up and retightened for another 6 weeks.


    Removal and reinstallation
    Extensions are removed and reinstalled. Depending on at home care, wefts and iTips can stay in the head for 9-12 weeks


    If you are interested….
    An in-person consultation and a 50% deposit is required if we chose to move forward with service.

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Contact me directly by filling out the form or calling or texting my private number: 781.589.1692 or call Escape Salon at: 617.423.1350 and ask for Micayla